angel wrestlingAngel Escobedo was born on January 12, 1987, into a family where faith, academics, and athletics were a way of life. By the age of five, Angel began wrestling along with many of his cousins. He was coached and mentored by his uncles, particularly David Escobedo and his cousin Julio Cisneros. At this young age, the dream of greatness and domination developed. Angel spent hours training to improve his speed and masterful technique. Many times, he wrote “I am a champion” on pieces of paper and posted them in his room. This dedication and perseverance has taken him on a phenomenal journey.

Angel wrestled for Griffith High School and was a 4x State Champion. After graduating, he was recruited by top universities around the nation. However, Angel chose to remain in his home state and wrestle for Indiana University Bloomington. There, he became a NCAA National Champion and Indiana University’s only 4x All-American.

Angel’s family has been there to support him in each endeavor and to celebrate every accomplishment. Angel’s grandparents, Miguel and Apolonia,Angel Wrestling migrated from Morelia Michoacán, Mexico in the 1940s. His late grandmother has been his biggest inspiration and his grandfather his greatest support. Angel’s mother, Antonia, an educator for over 20 years, has instilled in Angel the importance of education, excellence, and humility. Angel has two sisters, one brother, and two nieces.

The Escobedo Family has a rich wrestling legacy which began when Angel’s grandfather wrestled in Mexico 75 years ago. In the 1980’s, the second generation of Escobedo wrestlers established the Scorpion Wrestling Academy. Since then, 34 family members, spanning four generations, have wrestled at some point in their lives. The Escobedo Family has nine High School State Championships and five All-American statuses to their credit. They have wrestled for six different universities and colleges across the nation. Moreover, the Escobedo family has two Olympic Gold medals, and Angel hopes to add a third to its legacy.

Angel WrestlingAfter graduating from Indiana University in April 2010, Angel headed to the Olympic Training Center in hopes to make the US World Wrestling Team and the US Olympic Wrestling Team. He is currently affiliated with the New York Athletic Club.

On November 1, 2014, Angel married his best friend, Pauli Mayfield.  Pauli is very ambitious and compliments Angel well. She has been successful in her own right having been crowned Miss Iowa in 2010 and winning the interview award at Miss America. 

Angel also enjoys serving his community and his church, St. Mary’s Griffith, by volunteering, mentoring, and giving motivational speeches.

Angel Escobedo’s journey and relentless pursuit toward his lifelong dreams has inspired many. He is thankful for your support throughout the years and looks forward to your continued support in the future.

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